Can You Recharge An AC Unit?

Can You Recharge An AC Unit?

Get answers from an RV AC repair tech in Twin Falls, ID

When the air conditioner in your RV starts to fail, you can't postpone an RV AC repair. In a standard car, you could lower the windows and deal with the humid air for a little while. But in an RV, you'll start to swelter right away.

Unfortunately, RV air conditioning isn't designed to be recharged. Whereas, in a car, you could add more refrigerant for a temporary fix, RV AC units are welded shut at the factory. If your AC system fails, it will need to be replaced.

The good news is that most RV air conditioning problems don't deal directly with the system itself, and can be repaired easily by an experienced RV mechanic. Contact Snake River RV in Twin Falls, ID to schedule an RV AC appointment today.

What's wrong with your RV's AC?

Most RV air conditioning problems aren't caused by refrigerant leaks, but instead by faulty electronics. These can be caused by malfunctioning...

  • Thermostats
  • Control boards
  • Relay switches
  • Capacitors

Your RV AC problem could also be the result of worn-out equipment, such as damaged bearings in the fan motor.

Find out exactly what's causing your problem by visiting our Twin Falls, ID location today for reliable RV AC repair.