Mobile RV Service in Twin Falls, ID

We’re mobile - we’ll come to you!

Call us and we’ll send our mobile unit out quickly. We can assist you, diagnose problems, perform repairs…we also carry various spare parts. Call us at (208) 320-8474 and let us help.

We're RVIA Registered Technicians and we offer full RV service and repair. We service and repair RV appliances such as refrigerators, water heaters, furnaces, stoves, ovens and air conditioners. We diagnose and repair electrical systems, plumbing issues, levelers and hydraulics, propane systems and power management systems. We offer roof resealing, roof repair, roof replacement and leak repair. We provide exterior work, oxidation removal, re-striping, window and door adjustment and repair, interior repair and replacement, re-flooring (carpet, wood, tile, etc.), brakes, towing and wiring.